famous for his graphic works, book conception and graphic design, david also applies to strong analytical thinking, which allows him to translate perfectly the personality of a brand or marketing product. his innate talent for creating images also make him a complete artist. in 1998, he installs as a freelance graphic designer in luxembourg. quickly recognized for his touch is of powerful and refined, he practiced his art for clients as elite, cosmence, l'oreal, tigi, coca-cola, etc, lvmh, didact, thierry lothmann, ducastel, aero design, curated artists, hair prod, men stories, etc... then he left for brussels to make a contract as a freelance art director on the elite brand development for the following countries: luxembourg, tunisia, algeria and belgium. at the same time, he imagined the concept of the magazine ‘absurde’ was born in the following months. this artistic and luxurious magazine will expand its design collaborations editorials to new york. paris becomes the strategic destination for exercising his first passion: graphic design, which allows him to sharpen his perception of aesthetics on editorial projects ... david has built a solid reputation in the field of photography through his collaborations graphs that are successful at each of its interventions. now firmly established in the field of cosmetics and strong collaborations around the world.
biography written by philippe jeanne