specialized in brand design and visual identities. creation of logos / management and creation of brands / digital advertising creations and print / digital video editing / creation of websites responsive and e-shop [collaboration with developers and programmers] / editorial design [Press folders, brochures, magazines, art books] / ...​​​​​​​
no man's land
independent creative graphic designer since 1998 / it is difficult for me to present myself with an ounce of humility because I have always preferred shadow to light. Self-taught for more than twenty years in the field of graphic design, certified 'specialist' adobe / illustrator and graduate in morphopsychology, my mind is divided into two main parts, namely feminine and masculine. female for my visual and artistic approach, male for my marketing and strategy approach. in the digital age where I claim encrypted hyper-connectivity, I exercise my skills without borders, today mainly in Paris, Chicago, New York, Luxembourg for star up business as well as for large accounts, but also as a freelance for agencies or as a graphic design consultant.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​